Oasis Pregnancy Care Centers

June 10, 2022 - posted by Tally Wilgis

Earlier this week our Executive Director, Pastor Tally Wilgis, spent time with the Founder of Oasis Pregnancy Care Centers, Mr. Peter Castellani.

The folks at Oasis are actively working to assist young women who are pregnant and may not have support or hope for a future. Before deciding on abortion as a last resort, they often come in seeking counsel or basic resources.

In addition to sonograms, educational tools, connecting them with available resources, and practical items like food, clothing, or toys… Oasis is unashamedly sharing Jesus.

We encourage you to reach out to Peter and he’d be glad to come and meet you and your people. Contact him at: 813.406.4965 or Peter@OasisPregnancyCenter.org

Let’s all find a way to serve this lost and dying world. Pasco needs us to demonstrate the hands and feet of Christ.

Let us be known as Christian by both words AND deeds.

Let’s go, Pasco!

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