Our association is a voluntary network of churches that cooperate together for the sake of the gospel. We have three layers of leadership in the Association.

  1. An Annual Meeting of our membership is the largest governing body in our Association. This group is composed of two messengers from each church plus an additional messenger for every 30 members of the church, up to 25 total messengers per church.
  2. A quarterly gathering of our Executive Board. This group gathers three times per year and is composed of 3 messengers from every cooperating church.
  3. In between meetings, the Leadership Team is elected to serve as our primary decision-making body. This team consists of a Moderator, Vice Moderator, and three additional at-large members. The team is filled out with our ex-officio members: Executive Director and Treasurer. Thus, the Leadership Team has a total of seven members.

Your current Leadership Team (until October 2024):

Executive Director: Pastor Tally Wilgis