Nearly every church in our Association has access to items that go unused for weeks or months at a time.  These items could be used by another ministry to advance the gospel but your peers do not know that you would gladly offer up what you have for others to use in ministry.

For example, maybe you have 100 metal chairs that sit unused most of the year but there is a church plant across town having to spend thousands of dollars to buy chairs for their new church plant.  What if there was a way for you to let fellow churches know that they could borrow your equipment for free?

As another example, let’s say that an established church is hosting an Easter outreach on their lawn and is in need of a few portable tents.  A church plant that recently opened would be glad to offer up their portable equipment to an established church for use if only they knew of the need.

What often separates us is not our willingness to help one another but rather a method by which we may help one another.

Here on the PBA site you can now offer up items for share and you can search our database to find items that you may need.  We can now work more closely together to advance the gospel using the resources that God has already provided his church!

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